New Fan Mail: Dimebag Painting

October 21st, 2009

DimebagOne of my most discussed paintings, at least on the internet, is The Assassination of Dimebag Darrell (2005). So, it seemed fitting when I received this, my first piece of fan mail to my new and improved website from an admirer of the painting:


well first off i dont know how you can call your self an artist painting stuff like that…being a dime bag fan and him being my idol i find that piece of “art” i find it very offensive…even if you are trying to show your respects to him it is still wrong..did you even stop to think what dime bags fans would feel seeing something like that..his death hurt so many people and changed the music era for ever…he is a amazing respectable person and that piece of “art” to me is disrespectful…in the future if i where you when i wanted to paint or draw a respectable musican or celeb dont show the way they died…do something peaceful something people would love to have on their wall or computer. You Should be ashamed of yourself and that piece of “art”. and i am not the only one who would feel this way about it. Amanda Mollica


Thanks, Amanda. I am really glad that you enjoyed my painting, and enthusiastic responses such as yours confirm my feeling that it is one of my best. I think of it as a history painting that attempts to depict one of the more bizarrely tragic moments of the past decade. Dimebag’s death was certainly a great loss to the music world and a truly poignant cultural event – a real rock hero slain on stage by a seemingly psychotic fan. A horrifying symptom of the kind of cultural malaise that permeated  Bush II era America. In a way this painting is my answer to Théodore Géricault’s The Raft of the Medusa. One of the things that interested me about making a painting about this event was that as there was almost no visual documentation of the event, just some very unclear security camera footage from the Alrosa Villa. Thus, there was little to get in the way of my imagination of what this might have actually looked like and I was able to base my painting on the oral reports from witnesses of the four murders as well as Nathan Gale’s eventual death. As you probably know, these gruesome accounts were all over the news and the internet in the following days and months.


Btw Amanda, I tried to look you up on facebook to friend you, but your address is attached to the profile of an Amanda More – cookie monster 69, huh? I’m not sure if I want to even consider what this implies – a bit much for my delicate sensibilities!